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Beyond the Quantum: A Journey to God and Reality in the New Scientific Revolution

As time passes, the initial quantum system becomes more and more entangled with its environment. In effect, we then no longer have a well-defined quantum system embedded in an environment. Rather, system and environment have merged into a single superposition. Quantum superpositions are not, then, really destroyed by the environment, but on the contrary infect the environment with their quantumness, turning the whole world steadily into one big quantum state.

This spreading is the very thing that destroys the manifestation of a superposition in the original quantum system.

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What we understand to be decoherence is not actually a loss of superposition but a loss of our ability to detect it in the original system. Read: The case against reality. And how can we hope to do that—to monitor every reflected photon, every colliding air molecule?

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Decoherence, then, is a gradual and real physical event that occurs at a particular rate. The farther apart in space those two positions are, the faster the coherence between them will become entangled with, and leak away into, the environment.

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Take a microscopic dust grain floating in the air of my study, a hundredth of a millimeter across. It happens in less than a millionth of the time it takes for a photon, traveling at the speed of light, to pass from one side of a single proton to the other. For microscopic objects, we really can avoid decoherence. For a large molecule the size of a protein, say , decoherence happens within 10 seconds if it were floating in the air around us—but in a perfect vacuum at the same temperature, it could stay coherent for more than a week.

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We obtain classical uniqueness from quantum multiplicity when decoherence has taken its toll. All of the photons of sunlight that bounce off the moon are agents of decoherence, and are more than adequate to fix its position in space and give it a sharp outline. The universe is always looking.

We want to hear what you think about this article. When two particles are entangled, changes to one of them will be reflected in the other even if they are separated by incredible distances. Theoretically, these two entangled beams should be able to provide much more information about a surface. In order to test the ability of entangled photons to increase image resolution, the team focused the entangled pairs at adjacent spots on a glass plate with a letter Q printed on it.

The lettering was only 17nm taller than the surrounding plate, which should be virtually impossible to see with ordinary light. However, the entangled photons returned 1. The image was generated electronically from the difference in optical path length between the two beams, which is caused by the slightly thicker glass where the letter rises up from the surrounding surface. That measurement indicated the height of the glass at each point.

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Entangled photons make this process much more efficient because each beam provides information about the other, and therefore the team ended up with a sharper image. This technique is currently only intended for use in the lab, but it could one day compete with much more expensive imaging techniques involving X-ray lasers and electron microscopes. Mia Redgrave rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Holox rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Mia Alexandriski rated it really liked it Oct 02, Charles Mathes rated it really liked it Feb 13, Nicolas Shump rated it really liked it Jan 10, Ester Rogers rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Victor Balcells rated it liked it Jul 14, Christopher rated it really liked it Feb 03, Letha rated it it was amazing Sep 06, James rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Prashant Parikh rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Dawoody rated it it was amazing Mar 01, About Michael Talbot.

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His other horror titles, both cult classics, are The Bog and Night Things But despite the popularity of his fiction among horror fans, it was for his nonfiction that Talbot was best known, much of it focusing on new age concepts, mysticism, and the paranormal. Arguably his most famous and most significant is The Holographic Universe , which examines the increasingly accepted theory that the entire universe is a hologram; the book remains in print and highly discussed today.

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