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We also have a large and active program in the state for flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy, a procedure that allows our physicians to directly visualize the pediatric airway. We work closely with the divisions of Pediatric Gastroenterology , Pediatric Surgery , and others to provide a comprehensive pulmonary management program.

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Since many health care professionals are involved in treating children, you may want to refer to our Glossary of Pediatric Clinicians to better understand their roles. Our inpatients are cared for at N.

Our goal is to continue our state-of-the-art treatment of patients while advancing our knowledge of pulmonary disease through basic and clinical research. We strive to offer the best medical care and find long term solutions for our patients and their families. The division of Pediatric Pulmonology provides expertise in flexible bronchoscopy.

This procedure allows physicians to visualize the vocal cords and airways.

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  5. The division also performs infant and preschool lung function testing in a state of the art facility located in N. This procedure allows our physicians to obtain assessments of lung function in the youngest patients who are unable to perform traditional lung function tests.

    Stanford Pediatric Pulmonology Symposium – Pulmonary Vascular Disease in BPD

    Contact Us Connect with program leadership and staff. Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences university that creates knowledge and applies science and discoveries to further education, healthcare and community service locally and globally.

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    One Big Family Our large group of fellows exemplify a true sense of diversity, teamwork and camaraderie. First Name Basis Facilitating a culture of open communication. Vision, Mission and Purpose All children with lung disease can be cared for by outstanding and compassionate pediatric pulmonologists who contribute to advancing the field of pediatric pulmonology through patient care, research, or education.

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